the sheet mask

One day I worked with two Korean girls who told me about sheet face masks, and I was intrigued. My normal face-plan is pretty low-key: lotion after morning shower, face cleaning wipe at night. But these masks seemed easy and quick enough to try out. The verdict? They’re mostly unnecessary to life, but I love them! One of my … More the sheet mask

happy finds

I was lamenting to Tyler the other day that I worry I’ll never be able to have a nicely decorated place because I’m too drawn to the weird. It’s like this inner battle between wanting everything to look simple and Swedish, but with like 20 different accent pieces. Sometimes I feel like my wardrobe has the same … More happy finds

i’m how old?

Tonight this conversation happened with Mason… Mason: Which president did they call Ike? Me: I believe that was Eisenhower Mason: Oh yeah. We learned about his political ads in class today. Do you remember those when they were on TV? Me: Um, Mason, I wasn’t even alive then. Mason: Oh… Me: I’m pretty sure that … More i’m how old?