long lovely weekend

Today as I was eating breakfast I decided to try to finish my book. After I’d been sitting there for maybe 20 mintues reading, my son (who had a day off of school) looks at me and says, “You don’t have anything to do today?”

Well, child, guess what… I do. I have all this fake shopping that needs to be done. Ha!

Little does he know I have so many things on my to-do list that I keep leaving one thing halfway done to go start something else. I am in such a distracted mood today. Maybe it’s the upcoming 3-day weekend, or the fact it’s the official opening of all the beaches here, or the hot dogs I am most assuredly going to eat at Monday’s BBQ.

And no, I still haven’t finished my book. But I did do my yoga!

fridayshop memorial day

Collins Dress | Garden of Eden Pantsuit | Striped Top | Swiss Dot Dress | Woven Shorts | Datsun Sandal

Also, this is so cute. Sorta gross, but so cute. And with that, happy Memorial Day!