baby brain

So before you’re all like, “Ugh she just wrote about the baby, no one cares that much,” I’ve got really good reasons for two baby posts in a row: I forgot to post at all last week so this one to just happens to be another baby post right after the last one. (Pretend last week I posted about … More baby brain

christmas wrap

First, I’m over Christmas pjs. Can I say that without everyone thinking I’m a scrooge? Maybe because I thought it was this magical tradition my family did growing up, and then I grew up and learned that almost EVERY OTHER FAMILY did the exact same thing. Also because I have no room in my drawer/pretend … More christmas wrap

remember that blog thing i did? i almost forgot.

I bet you were all on the edge of your seat wondering when I’d ever post again. Sometimes I’m just not talented enough to work from home, host Thanksgiving dinner, Instagram Petey pictures, and blog all in the same weekend. In fact, this past weekend I probably proved I’m barely talented enough to just host … More remember that blog thing i did? i almost forgot.

pretty weird

The other day a song came on about love at first sight, and Tyler joked that that must have been how I felt when I saw him. Well, we’ve been over what I thought at first sight (and second, third and fourth) of Tyler, but I realized I’d never heard what Tyler thought of me … More pretty weird

boxed up, boxes down

Since we had to pack it up, pack it in for our move – we also had to take down the fort the boys had created. I say the boys created it because that sounds more normal. In reality I was probably the most excited for the building project, followed in a close second by Tyler, The Expert Duct … More boxed up, boxes down