shopping for an office chair

The other day Tyler and I were discussing the fact I have no gray hairs (as I sneakily tried to rip out his random ones). We ended up with the conclusion that gray hairs are Tyler’s sign of aging, whereas mine is back pain. And Tyler goes, “What would you rather have though, gray hair or back pain?” And then he laughed at me because I thought it was an actual question and I was thinking of what I’d choose.

I know, who would choose back problems over gray hair?! But really, my problem is with random gray hairs, I’d be totally happy with a cool gray streak or completely gray.

Anyway, one of my thoughts to preventing future back problems is to use an actual office chair at home (instead of a kitchen chair) since I spend most of my work week here.

The thing is my “office” isn’t really an office at all. It’s a long desk shoved in the corner behind our couch where Tyler and I sit side-by-side. So a normal office chair, although probably most comfortable, wouldn’t really fit dimensionally or aesthetically (because yes, I’m willing to sacrifice my back pain slightly to save the living room from looking completely clunky).

So that’s the story of how I got to possibly one of the most boring-sounding Fake Shop Friday posts…office chairs. But really look at all the pretty options I found!


Sayl Chair | Egoa Task Chair | Fjallberget | Real Good Chair | Bentwood Office Chair | Eames Molded Side Chair | Saddle Office Chair | Coup Office Chair 


And then after I update my desk chair, I can get back to dreaming about the built-ins I hope to have one day.


One thought on “shopping for an office chair

  1. I don’t like arms on my chairs and I like a closed back that goes down to the seat…just incase I would like a heating pad on my back or extra pillow for better posture =)

    Also it’s important that the wheels slide easily on the floor. If I have to push the chair around to hard, that can agrivate my back problems

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