my one-piece fear

Is it normal to feel like one-piece swimsuits are more revealing than bikinis? Because that’s how I feel. I’ve worn bikinis for years–granted I was skinnier than I am right now–but I never thought I’d go back to a one-piece. Then a couple of years ago I found a really nice one-piece at a sample sale … More my one-piece fear

shoe part deux

I’ve shifted my shoe focus to sandals, which I really don’t need at all since thankfully my feet didn’t grow THAT much. But it’s getting warmer, and shopping for sneakers last week sent me down a rabbit hole to other things. Funnily enough, shopping for sandals then sent me back into the rabbit hole and … More shoe part deux

baby holders

Since we’re still crossing our fingers that we’ll move before I’m due, and I’ve been in slight denial about the whole pregnancy thing, I’ve really been putting off looking for anything in the baby category. But I figure I should start researching a bit at least, and I can always wait to buy things. So … More baby holders

swimsuits everywhere!

Memorial Day feels like the official kick-off to summer. Most beaches around here officially open, the weather is finally nice enough to enjoy a weekend out, there’s BBQ’s and hot dogs! Yes, I’m one of those people that loves hot dogs. Like this place is my most favorite place to eat when we visit family in Utah. … More swimsuits everywhere!

backpack, backpack

I haven’t had a backpack since middle school. I don’t necessarily have anything against backpacks for others, I just find them sort of awkward feeling to wear. But then out of all my reoccurring back/neck issues, half are lower back and the other half are focused on the right side of my body. And of course, I carry … More backpack, backpack