i’m how old?

Tonight this conversation happened with Mason…

  • Mason: Which president did they call Ike?
  • Me: I believe that was Eisenhower
  • Mason: Oh yeah. We learned about his political ads in class today. Do you remember those when they were on TV?
  • Me: Um, Mason, I wasn’t even alive then.
  • Mason: Oh…
  • Me: I’m pretty sure that was like the 60’s.
  • Mason: I think it was the 50’s actually.

Since when did I get to the age in life where I was made to feel old by teenagers? Or the age that it doesn’t really matter the number, only that I’m “old” and must know everything historically old. I guess around the same time I realized that 40 really isn’t old, and that my body gets fatter when I eat things like hamburgers and fries.

Well, on that note. Here are some childish items I’d like to fake shop for Christmas this year… Take that, teenager child of mine.

fake shop kids

Bambi Stool | Grandpa Octopus | Tannenbaum Sweatshirt | Brown Bear Pouf | My Pet Unicorn 

Also I found these goat friends after I made my crafty collage above, but I love them no less. Maybe more actually, since they’re made from recycled sweaters.

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