no joke, i want these

I feel the time has come to really start looking for places to move–we even talked to a real estate agent last week! But here I go again seeing things I’d love to buy for the house. There’s so many odd things out there I’d love to add to my collection of randoms. I visited a photography/prop studio this week and as I looked around I couldn’t stop thinking, “I would love this to be my house!”

It’s so crazy, but it seems so fun–and I feel like everyone feels happy when they walk around looking at everything. And what’s better than a happy home? You might respond the same as my inner conscious: Probably one not so overfilled with items it becomes a dust nightmare. But as long as I’m pretending I’m going to buy all these items, maybe I’ll just pretend none of them can collect dust.


Knot Floor Pillow | Gilded Hare Lamp | Nut Case | Large Storage Basket | Shark Blanket | Didi Pig Mugs

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