shoe part deux

I’ve shifted my shoe focus to sandals, which I really don’t need at all since thankfully my feet didn’t grow THAT much. But it’s getting warmer, and shopping for sneakers last week sent me down a rabbit hole to other things. Funnily enough, shopping for sandals then sent me back into the rabbit hole and … More shoe part deux

baby holders

Since we’re still crossing our fingers that we’ll move before I’m due, and I’ve been in slight denial about the whole pregnancy thing, I’ve really been putting off looking for anything in the baby category. But I figure I should start researching a bit at least, and I can always wait to buy things. So … More baby holders

last minute loves

I love holidays and I love giving gifts. Even still, I frequently find myself last minute shopping for gifts, and I’m really not a big fan of making a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. Tyler and I usually use it as a reminder that we’re about due for a kid-free date night, but we frequently go … More last minute loves

if wishes were dishes

In December Tyler and I had a conversation something like this: Tyler: Do you have any ideas for Christmas? I was thinking if you wanted we could get new dishes and make them sort of a family gift. Me: I haven’t really thought about getting new ones… Tyler: Our dishes our really big and heavy, they have some … More if wishes were dishes

all that fake glitters

Every year around the holidays companies seem to think the most appropriate attire to market is things with glitter. Because of this, December usually ends up being the time of year where I want to jump off the deep end of style, go opposite my comfy oversized blah clothes, and buy something with a little shine. … More all that fake glitters