my eyebrows are uneven

I had this random thought to write a blog post about my uneven eyebrows, and then I realized maybe it’s not such a good idea to publicly talk about imperfections that others might not have noticed (but will surely notice after I tell them).

But maybe that’s the next step to really being ok with them.

I never even noticed my eyebrows were different until I started getting them threaded and the girl doing them pointed out that one side grew longer down than the other, and said I’d need to grow that side out–as if I had accidentally tweezed one side too much. I figured that was fair, I had probably been tweezing my eyebrows wrong my whole life. Right up there with I have no idea how to apply eyeshadow or use foundation properly (I have since given up on both).

Then after months of threading and being told by different girls Lefty needed to grow out, I realized it wasn’t my tweezing issues, it was just my face.


Lets fast forward through all my thoughts of fake eyelashes, filled in brows and boob enhancements to a conversation I found myself part of on Tuesday…

Tuesday I talked my boss into letting me hang out all day at a photo shoot for one of our clients. Most of the day was spent taking pictures, teaching old people the difference between tagging someone and using a hashtag, and being constantly amazed at the props at this photo studio.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.41.47 PM.png

Then my phone started to die, and the charger I borrowed was right next to the make-up artist and I found myself listening to two women talk about botox, thread lifts and face implants  (among other things).

And that’s when I really started to think about how much I love my uneven eyebrows. Or maybe more how much I love that I don’t care about those things. Not that my body is so great (unless you’re Tyler or a blind person), it’s just that I think it’s nice to be able to love imperfections too. It’s like what makes me who I am is my [insert other imperfections I’d prefer not to point out to everyone].

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to look nice. I mean, I started this whole post with the fact I pay someone to help my eyebrows look better. It’s just hearing about so all the things people do to change their appearance sort of makes me tired. I want to tell those people they don’t need it all.

Maybe it’s just I really admire women who are happy to be who they are. My boss at my last job never wore any makeup at all, and she always looked so nicely natural. Sometimes I’d think about what her blond eyelashes would look like if she used mascara, but mostly I was secretly envious that she’d gotten to the point of being completely happy with herself as herself.

One day maybe I’ll get there.





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