fake shop friday: blanket poncho

I have an eternal love for cardigans. I wear them pretty much all year long. Short, lightweight ones in the summer, long sleeve fuzzy ones in the winter, and a special “house cardigan” with the elbows hanging on by a a few threads (but no holes yet!). They’re cozy, easy to throw on, and they keep my arms nice and warm.

Enter these ponchos I’m seeing all over the place. I want pretty much every one I see, but really how can those keep you warm with giant holes where the arms should be? Especially walking in the not-so-forgiving bitter winds New York likes to share. I have come to the conclusion that certain styles are only meant for people who own cars–or happen to live in places with happily moderate San Francisco-like weather.

Oh, how nice would it be to walk around in a blanket disguised as a fashionable top…

fake shop poncho

Harvest Plaid Poncho | Poncho With Faux Fur Hood | Glacier Park Blanket Poncho | Desert Sky Blanket Poncho | Tartan Wool Poncho | Pile Coat

I could probably never make this, but what a cute DIY!

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