i heart art

Saturday we had a fun day adventure at the Governors Island Art Fair. Yay, art on an island filled with old military barracks and abandoned houses! It really is a fun place to just hang out for the day (and only a $2 ferry ride to get to). There are no vehicles except for a few golf carts … More i heart art

tidy up day 1

I finished the magical tidying book over the weekend and all in all I was glad I read it–keeping a couple of things in mind. One: Japanese cultures can be different, and the author might be slightly annoying. It helped me get over the 500 times she explains how she was reading organization magazines at five. Or when … More tidy up day 1

friday fake shop

Anyone have exciting weekend plans? Yesterday the boys didn’t have school, so I forced them to run errands with me and help me schlepp all our purchases home. On the plus side, we have a errand-free Saturday ahead of us. The boys and I will be spending it away from the apartment while Tyler studies and takes an … More friday fake shop