the more you know

Quite frequently I think about why I have a blog. Sometimes I love it and I feel like I have so much to share. But other times I wonder what the purpose really is. Or why people care. Am I providing any added insight, or at least entertainment? Will this ever lead to someone paying … More the more you know

recent documentaries

Documentaries and international films are my favorite parts of Netflix (and I’ll be honest, home makeover shows rank pretty high too). Last month when I was confined to a couch for days I got some good Netflixing in, part of which involved one of those life-inspiring documentaries I wish everyone would watch. Last night Tyler and … More recent documentaries

reading up

Last week my son started reading “I Am Malala” for school. And I thought to myself, I have a child that is old enough to read the same book I read. A true story book that deals with serious real world issues. It’s sort of weird, and I feel a little mom-mixed about it. Like part of me would like to … More reading up

oh, the horror

Two days ago my coworker mentioned that she just watched “the new Carrie,” and I thought she was talking about Carrie Bradshaw. I felt sort of out of the loop because I know nothing about the new Carrie show. Then I felt double out of the loop when I realized she was talking about the … More oh, the horror

movie flashbacks

We have happened upon a new family activity: watching movies from our childhood. I think it may have started around Halloween. We got into a kid-spooky movie watching zone, which resulted in Tyler introducing the boys to Ernest Scared Stupid – which of course they loved. Fast forward to today, and we’ve now watched cartoons like … More movie flashbacks


Well, this will make two video plugs within a month… But this one, I promise, was also a good one. It is possible I liked it more because I, A) learned some history about another part of the world, while B) being able to connect to the advertising side of myself, while C) trying to … More no