dumpster (or sidewalk) diving

One of my most favorite things is shopping at antique stores, one of the only places I can convince Tyler to go with me without a Diet Coke bribe. Something about a completely random find is so exciting. Sort of like a treasure hunt.

The best finds, however, are found on the sidewalks in our neighborhood. Fun fact in case you didn’t know, New York does not have alleys or dumpsters. Garbage bags are lined up along the sidewalks waiting for the trucks to come pick it up. It’s pretty gross your first summer here, but you sort of get used to it. Many times the garbage is just garbage, but other times it has awesome stuff you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. It probably helps that I love old furniture design quite a bit.

So take the average freebie-sidewalk find and bump it up a notch to freebie-right-behind-our-apartment find (you know, waiting for the weekly trash lineup). I will admit, it took me a little bit to figure out where to fit this in our apartment–but where there’s a will, there’s a blank wall to be found.

And good-bye to the only furniture item we brought from Utah (if this could be considered furniture)–you have been replaced by something made of actual wood!


Now I just need some help to decorate. The hidden side was a no-brainer to fill (hello, game night), but those mini, deep shelves have me puzzled.

2 thoughts on “dumpster (or sidewalk) diving

  1. oh, it hurts to think people are just throwing great old furniture in the trash. Can’t someone start a business to pick up and move this furniture to a store to sell? I’m glad you rescued your beautiful piece.

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