counting things

Last week marked the beginning of our third year in NY. Yesterday morning the boys started a new school year – Mason was off to his first day of middle school. And Milo turned 9! It’s like blogger-overload. So here’s our first day of school photos: And then after school it was time to move … More counting things

milo is 9

One time, when I had a wee little baby, I decided to make a scrapbook of his life. Then I decided, in my organized brain, to add a couple pages every year. A roundup of what they’d grown to be, quirks they currently had, favorites and interests. I have since decided those pages (which never … More milo is 9

milo is a clown

*Grandparent disclaimer: Grandparents may be the only ones actually interested in anything below. Consider yourself warned. One day Milo came home to announce that he was no longer a tight rope walker in his upcoming performance, but now one of the clown thieves. We think he was more upset that he had to be one … More milo is a clown

he’s a keeper

This is the face of a boy who has worn his new sweater for 4 days in a row (including the day he took it out of the shopping bag and wore it all the way home). It is also the face of a boy who continues to ask for a bow tie and an ascot to wear. W… … More he’s a keeper