i put wallpaper on the cupboards

A while back I tried to come to terms with the beige laminate universe that is my kitchen. I scrubbed and cleaned all I could, but in the end it was still dingy laminate. Then I happened upon a few articles about updating rental kitchens and came across the great idea to wallpaper the cupboards. I researched my colors, ordered some samples, held them all up in the daylight and night–then made the big leap to buying a couple rolls.

Between measuring cupboards, marking wallpaper, cutting and hanging it took up most of a Saturday. It sort of made me thankful for having such a small kitchen.

First was the prep work. I cleaned twice to make sure the wallpaper had a good surface to stick to…

Lessons learned wallpapering the kitchen cupboards


The rest of the day was pretty much measuring cupboards, then measuring and marking the paper, cutting it out, hanging it…and then measuring the next cupboard. So much fun.


Lessons learned wallpapering the kitchen cupboardsLessons learned wallpapering the kitchen cupboards

After living with this wallpaper for a couple months, I’m ready to share a few lessons learned:

  • It isn’t very easy to cut straight lines using old cardboard as your cutting mat, a dull boxcutter, and a 12-inch ruler/flimsy measuring tape duo as your straight edges–but it can be done!
  • No matter how hard you try, or how tongue-sticking-out concentrated you may be, bubbles will appear after you finish applying all the wallpaper. Some will come out with pins, and some will stubbornly want to stay forever.
  • Vinyl wallpaper does not do well when wet, with grease spills, or when needing to have food wiped off. Instead of ugly beige laminate cupboards, we now have water-spotted light blue cupboards. And the area by the trash has a faded spot where we mistakenly tried to clean it. I keep thinking a pattern would hide these issues so much better, but then again a pattern might just be too crazy.

So I guess I wouldn’t really call it a success. On one hand it’s still hanging, so I guess I don’t hate it that much (it does nicely cover the gross wood by the trash can). On the other hand I’d probably never try to wallpaper kitchen cupboards again.


With all that said, I still really, really want to wallpaper an actual wall one day. (Be prepared, Tyler.)

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