all these firsts

So now that we know the gender of the baby we’ve been thinking about names. I’ve honestly never had to search websites or have a list of names before. Mason was a family name, and Milo was a name we heard and liked about a month before I found out I was pregnant. This time I feel … More all these firsts

travel and things

Remember that one time I went out of town and forgot to take my computer and couldn’t do my blog post? Well this is my excuse… Tyler’s mom invited all the sisters (and this in-law sister) out for a girls weekend together. We lazied about, talked a lot, and ate out a few times–so basically it was great. … More travel and things

no tags for you

With the temperatures dropping I have pulled out a favorite accessory to buy (even if I have issues outfitting them): tights. Because of the spacing in my wardrobe I was forced to split my socks and tights into separate [cardboard] boxes. Leaving me to realize that I have about 3x more tights than socks. Let me assure … More no tags for you

ever onward!

So, I’ve been following the blog Hello Sandwich for some time now. And in all honesty, I just want to move to Japan and start decorating everything I see with mt tape. I guess it helps that the girl who writes the blog, Ebony Bizys, used to be the… … More ever onward!