1/2 maternity leave

I have now taken a step into whatever it is I’m calling my maternity leave. One of the perks of working for a very small company is that my boss asked me Wednesday if I want to start working from home every day from now on. One of the not-perks is that I don’t really have a formal maternity … More 1/2 maternity leave

nesting in hyperdrive

There’s this thing people call nesting, I call it necessary organization before utter chaos and ongoing sleep deprivation ensue. Either way, my brain was pushing it into a holding pattern until we moved. And now we have moved, mostly unpacked, and that restful weekend I looked forward to last week never really happened–because now that we’ve moved my … More nesting in hyperdrive

pregnant comments

Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve heard a whole lot of baby suggestions, advice, ways to tell if I’m having a boy or girl without an ultrasound–and the best conversation I had at church by a nice elderly lady: You are how far along now? Your face is starting to show it. I guess I sort of expected … More pregnant comments