why i’m happy we didn’t make heart pancakes

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, I just don’t really care about it. I semi-side with the people who argue you shouldn’t need to be reminded to love your significant other. But I also get the sentiment in having a day to just really remember and express it. Also I like celebrating holidays in general. So I guess I’m sort of middle ground. … More why i’m happy we didn’t make heart pancakes

grown-up glasses

Forever and ever Mason and Milo have used these plastic tumblers as “their” drinking cups. They’ve been the perfect size for small hands. Plus I quickly divided them by colors–warm colors for Mason and cool colors for Milo–and never had a problem wondering whose cup it was on the counter. At least a year or so … More grown-up glasses

why i don’t miss my boys \ why don’t i miss my boys

Every year we’ve lived in New York the boys have spent their summers in Utah. It’s been a week and a half since they left, and over the weekend I was asked multiple times by people how often I’ve talked to them since they’ve been there. Yesterday someone asked me if I called them every day and I … More why i don’t miss my boys \ why don’t i miss my boys

reading up

Last week my son started reading “I Am Malala” for school. And I thought to myself, I have a child that is old enough to read the same book I read. A true story book that deals with serious real world issues. It’s sort of weird, and I feel a little mom-mixed about it. Like part of me would like to … More reading up