to wallpaper or not to wallpaper?

A couple of weeks ago I saw this article for ideas to update a rental kitchen. As I am currently living in such a kitchen, stuck deep into the 1930’s, I was hoping this article would unearth some amazing insight for me.

What I got was a lot of advice I couldn’t take (what renter is allowed to refinish cabinets or add hardware?), and a small piece of advice that led me to my own update idea: removable wallpaper.

One of the designers suggested covering an outdated fridge with removable wallpaper. Our fridge isn’t too intrusive to the eyeballs, but the cupboards are a completely different story. They are dingy and gross, and nothing I do seems to completely clean them. So I thought, what if I covered them in removable wallpaper?

After two weeks of contemplating I’m pretty set on trying it out–which may mean a home decor failure blog post is coming soon…

Now all I need to do is overcome wallpaper choice overload, and my strong desire for bright patterns and colors. (Did you know Spoonflower makes wallpaper?)

First up, I texted someone who is much better at making a space look nice (aka, avoiding childlike patterns in adult spaces). My sister-in-law sent me a bunch of photos she’s pinned, all solid and subtle colors that might just work with the laminate flooring we’re currently blessed with. So off I went searching online for solid colors, although I will admit getting distracted by a few patterns along the way.

Here are my initial choices, but I think I’m going to try a few more in Photoshop before I order samples.

kitchen dots

And here is the fun I had imagining a floral could work. Mason’s exact comment was, “I really like that pattern, but in there it seems kind of crazy.” So maybe as an accent paper?

floral kitchen

While I was searching wallpaper in kitchens I found our kitchen twin!


UPDATE: I did it, I wallpapered!

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