happy finds

I was lamenting to Tyler the other day that I worry I’ll never be able to have a nicely decorated place because I’m too drawn to the weird. It’s like this inner battle between wanting everything to look simple and Swedish, but with like 20 different accent pieces.

Sometimes I feel like my wardrobe has the same issues. Normally I lean towards the simple side because lazy me knows it’s easier to get dressed in the morning that way. Then I read this blog post about an apartment tour and I loved her approach to decorating: fully embracing maximalism.

I’m sure I have a ways to go to figure out how to bring my maximalism into amazing style, for clothes and decorating. Right now I’m closer to the level, “you missed the mark.” Also the level, “you have no money for that.” But one can always dream, right?

bright happy things

Little Swimmers Scarf | Lotus | Calty Sweatshirt | Cosgrove Chair | Indiana Blanket | ‘Out of Africa’ Clutch


PS: This print I love. I used to be such a sucker for stripes on everything I had to make a conscious effort to stop buying it.

One thought on “happy finds

  1. I loved that blog post too on Cup of Jo! I nodded laughing out loud after reading your comment about everything swedish and simple with 20 accents. I suffer from the same dilemma. This year though, I’ve decided to give into it at least as far as house decorating is concerned. I’ve decided to start small and be daring in smaller places of the home, like the guest bath, or similar room to take off the pressure.

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