yoga every day. mostly.


I am by no means the yoga dream body I envisioned my future self to be when I started practicing earlier this spring. But I figure I’m winning anyway since I’m still chugging along.

After doing yoga every day for a 30-day challenge, I ended up feeling a little lost where to go next. I tried a few different videos on YouTube until I settled on Yoga Fix 90, mostly because I can make my way through 90 videos without having to rethink where to go next.

Plus since I gave up on every day yoga (I just like my sleep too much to wake up before 7am), I figured these yoga videos will last me for like 6 months. It’s like I’m being yoga thrifty. (Of course true yoga thrifty would probably be watching free yoga videos on YouTube, using your living room rug as a mat, and wearing pajamas. But honestly, who would get that cheap about it? Bah!)

So lets go back to why I’m winning at yoga.

After about 9 months of yoga I cannot do that thing where you balance on one arm with your legs off to the side. I sometimes just sit and watch the yoga videos and laugh because I’m not anywhere near being able to do the pose I see. And I know the names of about five moves: down dog, up dog, baby cobra, warrior 1 and warrior 2 (although I can’t usually remember which one is which). I thought I knew savasana too, but then I googled how to spell it and realized that wasn’t the yoga word for push-ups.

I know that doesn’t sound like I’m much of a winner. BUT…I’ve noticed in the last few months I haven’t had the regular back pains I was having before. AND my personal accomplishment is that I can fold in half flatter than I could before!

Yes, that’s probably one of the lamest sounding personal accomplishments ever. Especially because I still can’t even fold over all the way. But it makes me happy to know my practices are doing something.

And I don’t feel like such a lazy bum anymore.


One thought on “yoga every day. mostly.

  1. Consistent steps forward are always accomplishments! And even, sometimes just counting forward steps (with some backwards ones mixed in lol), can be enough to count as some forward momentum for when we can pick up the pace again 🙂

    Love you 😉

    Ps…maybe I need some yoga for my back!?? It’s not doing so good some days, ugh

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