yoga me this

So remember that time I said yoga was most certainly, definitely, not for me?

Well, it turns out I lied a little bit.

I was feeling my life becoming super lazy-butt, and was at a loss of what to do. I ruled out gyms, CrossFit and rock climbing regularly because of the monthly fees + no car to get me there makes it hard to fit in my schedule. I tried the Nike Training app, which was awesome except for the fact I can’t do half the moves in my apartment without upsetting a downstairs neighbor. Running was also a nice possibility, except that I hate it. (I promise, I tried really hard to like it.)

Who else has great excuses for not working out, raise your hand. I feel ya.

Then I watched this. And I know, I’m sure that guy did way more than what you see in the video. But it was just enough of a motivation to make me realize I needed to stop being my lazy-butt self, and start doing something. Even if that something was the yoga I vowed never to do.

So I searched around the internet a bit, and voilà! I found this lovely lady and her 30-day yoga challenge (which she said was good for beginners). I sampled this little video, and decided to start day 1 the next morning.

The first couple of days I was happy just to be doing something. I noticed a lot of the moves felt similar to ballet moves–which gave me some comfort in familiarity. Plus I started to become more aware of my posture everywhere I went, which was nice.

Since I was transitioning jobs, I did two weeks while working full time (meaning waking up earlier in the morning to fit it in), a week during spring break (meaning having the boys distracting while I was trying to watch), and a week of half working. (The days with no work and no kids are the best, but that could basically be my life mantra. BWAHHAAA.) It was nice to know I could fit it in anywhere.

My biggest happiness was that I did it. All 30 days, no skipping, no missing, no ability to do a forward fold even close to my new pal Adriene (someday!). And… No yoga mat, fancy clothes or blocks. I did it in my living room, on my rug, in my pjs. Bonus points.

My second biggest happiness is that I’m still going pretty strong (I did miss a day on vacation last weekend).

I was a little at a loss of where to go after my 30 days were over. Since I’m still a beginner, I moved on to the foundations of yoga (same YouTube page), doing a few videos each day. It’s probably not the fullest workout, but I figure understanding the foundations correctly will help me avoid being laughed at if I ever try out a yoga class with real live people in it. This last week I started exploring other videos on YouTube, adding some quick cardio ones to the mix.

But really, the best part is that doing something (even if it’s like 10 min) is way better than doing nothing. Which I’ve always known, it’s just that my lazy side had such good excuses.

So here’s to many more days of yoga. And maybe one day I’ll master the forward fold. Or this. Or even just start doing yoga in actual yoga clothes.


Here’s my 4 weeks. That’s right, I made a gif to capture all my yoga awkwardness in 10 seconds.

yoga 1

yogi gif

yoga 3

yoga 4

Namaste, sucka. (Probably the opposite of yoga appropriate, but I was told to “find what feels good.”)


4 thoughts on “yoga me this

  1. Okay, I am trying to post again (wouldn’t let me last time). Funny enough, I started yoga a few weeks ago, too. It’s not my favorite, but it’s an easy one to do at home with Zeke around. And it’s good to work on my flexibility as I get older, too.

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