fall & floral

It all started with this a trip to Target, and a casual walk past the clothing. I saw a big floral dress and I liked it, but not so much on. Then I went to Zara and saw more floral patterns. And just like that I wanted something, or everything, with big bold flowers on it.

Maybe it’s because I don’t want to say goodbye to summer yet. Maybe it’s because I’ve chosen to wear my favorite Uniqlo t-shirt dress as often as humanly possible without weirding people out, and I’m in need of something that isn’t just gray with just a v-neck and just plain pockets. (Although, don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome comfortable dress and I will probably love it for longer than I should.)

Whatever the reason be, floral is my new obsession. Probably not NYFW approved, but that’s why I’m sitting at home wishing to buy things instead of watching models walk down a catwalk somewhere in Chelsea.

fake shop friday fall floral

Printed Dress | Floral Print Poplin | Wallflower | Sketched Peonies Tunic | Painterly Floral Silk-Wool | 3D Printed Lace Sweatshirt

And nothing to do with floral clothing, but I really want to try out this bag for traveling.

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