grown-up glasses

Forever and ever Mason and Milo have used these plastic tumblers as “their” drinking cups. They’ve been the perfect size for small hands. Plus I quickly divided them by colors–warm colors for Mason and cool colors for Milo–and never had a problem wondering whose cup it was on the counter.

At least a year or so ago I thought about how the boys could probably start using normal cups, but for some reason (Milo easily breaks glasses) or another (forgetful and lazy) I never got any.

Then I read this blog post about French drinking glasses. First I felt like I kept my kids using these cups for too long. I mean, that kid isn’t even two! Then I realized there’s no time like now to rectify that problem. (Thanks Amazon Prime.)

This may sound weird, but I was so excited for them to come. Possibly because I’ve been thinking about it for over a year. I figured no one would really care as much as I did, they are just glasses after all. But surprisingly the boys were excited too. Well, as excited as boys can be about glasses.

And they really are amazing. You can stack them, and people have said they’ve dropped them on the floor without breaking. They’re Milo-proof! I’m actually hoping our cheap TJ Maxx glasses will break faster so I can replace them with some of these.

Now I just need to figure out a way to designate whose are whose when they’re sitting around.


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