would you get a bunny?


Good news! I found something I’m pretty sure I’m not allergic to.

The boys have been wanting a pet for some time now, so we took a deep breath (or at least I did) and finally agreed to let Milo pick something as his birthday present this year. The one condition was that he needed to research multiple options first, and we would have to ultimately agree to which one he wanted.

His first choice was a green tree frog, but he soon found out that most amphibians (and reptiles) aren’t really pets you “pet.” He also learned his mom would say no to anything that needed to be fed small baby mice.

We also eliminated birds, just to be mean. Just kidding. We eliminated birds because I’ve had multiple ones growing up and I never really liked them.

So that leaves us with small furry critters. My secret wish was for one of those crazy-haired guinea pigs–until we saw a chinchilla. Those things are pretty fluffy and awesome looking. Plus they take baths in volcanic ash, which seems weird and cool. I also think sugar gliders look fun, but those don’t seem as easy to find.

Milo seems to be leaning toward a rabbit.

The largest of the small fuzzies. The one that needs the biggest cage and most attention. But on the plus side, I pet one for about 10 minutes the other day and didn’t have any sort of allergic reaction. Also their noses are my favorite.

So the debate going on right about now is this: rabbit, guinea pig or gerbil. We’re contemplating fostering a rabbit for a little while just to try it out, since those are both the most work and most desired by Milo.

But then again, there’s always this guy.


2 thoughts on “would you get a bunny?

  1. I would prefer a bunny but MANY are skiddish and they CAN bite. There are LOTS of different breeds of bunnies (meaning different types of fur) and it seems that the larger ones are more calm…as well as males are usually more calm. Bunnies, need lots of petting and handling while a baby…to get them used it.

    Bunnies can also learn to use a litter box… which could be quite awesome, instead of having to clean a cage. When Stacie was little…it seemed that the hay and alfalfa that was in the bunny cages was what made her more allergic. They have other good options for inside the cages now, I think. =)

    Anyhoo…one small sideline, a small dog (i.e miniature doxie/wiener dog) could be almost the same size as a medium bunny…and dogs can learn to use litter boxes also. Dogs give back way more kudos for the work than a bunny…imho =). One diff, is they do bark. =P

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