the most exciting news today is that i learned how to let anyone comment on our blog. Sorry about before, I didn’t even realize that I was allowing only those select few who already blog to comment. It has now been opened up to the masses – comment away.

Ok, that aside. Since today was Sunday we didn’t really see anyone medical related. One of the PA’s from LDS Hospital called to say that they might be sending orders for the home nurse to draw Erik’s blood tomorrow. Other than that, Erik is just still feeling really tired and worn out. We have had many loved ones come visit and spend time with our family today, but through it all he mostly just sleeps. He comes in and out while people visit – talking for a little bit, but drifting off every few minutes or so. I think this is partly attributed to all the medicine he is taking, but also because his body is just working so hard from everything going on inside itself. I remember last year before we knew what was going on that he often tired very easily. I can tell that this is the same, only it seems to be happening much more rapidly this time. Just from Thursday to today I have seen significant changes in his energy and strength. I wish I had some good news to add, but unfortunately I don’t. We are just glad that he is home. He can rest as much as he wants and visit with the boys – that’s what we really want for him now anyway.


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  1. Good job on the comments. Also, I like the new songs you put on your blog.I’m glad Erik is at home and able to spend some time with you and the boys. Thank you for the frequent updates!

  2. Emily,Just letting you know I was thinking of you and Erik (even though I’ve never met him). You seem to have such amazing strength during such a difficult time, and it is obvious that you guys are loved and have an enormous support system. I’m glad that he is able to be at home with you and the boys–it’s been such a long journey for you both and I’m sure that having him near helps immensely.Love,Catharine (Pugh)

  3. Emily,Thanks for the updates. We are thinking of you often! We love you and your family lots! Our prayers are with your family. You are a very strong person and an amazing example to me! We love you guys. We are always here for you, always!

  4. Emily,Even though I am sure this is a very difficult time for you and your family, we just wanted to let you know that your faith, strength and courage are an inspiration to our family!

  5. Emily and Erik, We have admired your family from up the street and have noticed how strong your family is. I am amazed at the love and strength that is always beaming from your home. My heart breaks for you two and your beautiful boys. It has been nice to talk with you two recently and get to know you a little better. Sorry about being such poor neighbors. Just know your family is in our prayers and thoughts and may God be with you constantly. Thanks again for your kindness and sudden friendship.The Townsends

  6. So glad to see you’re no longer playing favorites :o) Thank you so much for the updates. It means a lot to be able to know what is happening with Erik on a regular basis. Emily you are an amazing example to all of us. Your strength, courage, and unselfishness are astounding. You know we are here ANYTIME. We have the same hours as hospice!!!Love,Deena and Curtis

  7. Emily and Erik,Spencer Croshaw just forwarded a message to a lot of the mission friends from Joao Pessoa and I wanted to let you know that you are all in our prayers. It was so great to see you both at the mission reunion in September- they were great times in Brazil! We will pray for you and your family -thank you for your examples of faith and endurance. Paulo and Amanda Cox

  8. Emily, I am a friend of Heather’s and heard about your family and what is going on through her. I have since read you blog and relate much of your story to my sister and her husband with osteosarcoma. You are now in my prayers even though you do not know me I think of your family and pray for the Lord to comfort and strengthen you at this time.

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