And for the “Erik news”; A nurse came by today to draw some blood for the doctors to see. His WBC was at 80,000 and his leukemic blast was at 50%. They called to tell me the news from the hospital today. They added that they didn’t think his medicine was really working to slow it down. I pretty much already figured that. They will do another lab on Thursday if we want. Until then we will just be hanging out and spending time together.

And for the good news: I love everyone. I know that may sound weird – but I just don’t know how else to encompass everyone I can think of. Everyone around us is just so great. Just for starters I would say the fact that I’ve seen so many other peoples blogs that have stuff about us on them. I can’t believe how many people care so much. It really amazes me. Then that combined with all the nice things people do for us. I could keep going on and on about all the things I witness that really just make me love everyone. But instead I’ll talk about the most recent example.

Tonight some of our neighbors (neighbors I REALLY love of course) arranged for a picnic for our ward and anyone else we wanted to come and hang out. Erik has been so tired, but for this he got out of bed and sat up in a wheelchair so that he could make a brief appearance. Everyone sang his favorite song (well I’m pretty sure I guessed right) – Armies of Helaman – then they released balloons to heaven, some tied with thoughts for Erik. It was so thoughtful and so wonderful. I know Erik was really tired and pretty out of it, but I know that’s something that he really appreciated. It was so great.

Thanks so much Everyone.


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  1. Rudy Family,What an honor to be with you and your family tonight at the picnic in the park, in celebration of Erik’s life. What a tremendous example of strength, faith,love and courage you are to us. We love and admire you, and constantly pray for our Heavenly Father to bring peace and comfort to you at this very challenging time. Please know of our love and admiration for your amazing family. We feel so blessed to know you. You have enriched our lives eternally.Love,Mike and Sherilyn Shelley (ward members)

  2. I have had 2 ward members call to give me updates on Erik. Everyone is thinking of you guys right now. I am sooo thankful that they called me to tell me the situation. My heart is just on fire. We have seen a lot of each other this past year with your boys playing with my girls and it has been a pleasure. I wish I could be there at this time to be of some sort of help. You are such an example of strength for all to draw from. We really do have you in our hearts and our thoughts all day long! We are praying for your well being. We love you!

  3. Ijust found out the news- I have checked your other blog here and there but I haven’t checked recently. When I heard it broke my heart and started to cry! You guys are amazing! I feel so blessed to get to know you about 18 months ago! I know that you have blessed with this time to be with your family! I will pray for you to have the strength to handle what is to come! I will always think of the song each life that blesses our for good reflect thine own great mercy Lord!

  4. You are amazing! As I have read your thoughts over the last year and a half, you have always been such inspiring examples of faith and courage–always looking at the brighter side of things. Your strength and love is so evident. Please know that we are so willing to help out in anyway. You are in our thoughts, and we pray for peace and strength for your family.Love,John, Michele, Joshua, Caleb, Ben and Lilli Miller

  5. Wow…does Erik ever know how to make an amazing entrance or what? That was so awesome to see him on his way into the park with everyone cheering and clapping for him. I know he hadn’t been feeling well, so for him to make the effort to come the picnic was so inspiring to all. Please know we all love you and are praying for you.Love the Harris’

  6. Emily,You don’t know me but I am Brad Crandall’s little sister Rachel. I don’t think I know of a more stronger and AMAZING Women than you. You are an inspiration to me and my life. Your outlook on life is what I strive for, it’s beautiful of how you see things. I think about you and your family throughout the days. The Rudy family are always in my prayers and I pray that you will find comfort and peace in this challenging time of your “earthly” life. Love Rachel

  7. I was thinking of Erik today and this song came to mind,Each life that touches ours for goodReflects thine own great mercy, Lord.Thou sendest blessings from aboveThrough words and deeds of those who love.What greater gift dost thou bestow,What greater goodness can we knowThan Christ-like friends, whose gentle waysStrengthen our faith, enrich our days.When such a friend from us departsWe hold forever in our heartsA sweet and hallowed memory,Bringing us nearer, Lord, to thee.For worthy friends whose lives proclaimDevotion to the Savior’s name,Who bless our days with peace and love,We praise thy goodness Lord above.

  8. Emily, This is Jen Stout (Breton’s wife) and I just found your blog from Ben and Rebecca’s. So I have been reading and crying and can’t even begin to imagine what you all are going through. What an amazing and special thing that your neighbors did for Erik. You all are such an example and inspiration to us and we want you to know that we are thinking of you and you are always in our prayers! Love, Breton and Jen

  9. Erik and Emily, Words fail me. I heard from Mark Harris last week … that the leukemia is back… We were on vacation when Mark called, and I am still not back in Utah, but I wanted you to know how you’ve both been in my thoughts and prayers. Really, I don’t know what to say. I just wanted to say thank you for the lessons you have and are teaching me and all those around you by the way you are handling this inexplicable trial. My heart breaks for you both, and for Mason and for Milo. I pray for a Heavenly Father’s sustaining hand to comfort and carry you all. Eric, I re-read your reply from last summer and I realized that we still haven’t met, silly isn’t it? We are only about 5 houses away! Dumb Ward boundaries!!! I am so sorry. How many times have we crossed paths at Kids Village or driving in or out of the neighborhood not realizing we were passing each other. Well, I will be home tomorrow night and I’ll look forward to soon possibly getting to meet the famous Erik and Emily I’ve heard so much about. 😉 I wish I could’ve been at the park last night. I hope it was a special evening for you guys. I know you are very loved by your friends and ward. You’ll be in my prayers. Kim & Ben Swallow

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