a week of pajamas

Mason was talking on the phone to his cousins the other day and they asked what we did over the break. Mason looked at me and said, “What did we do?” First thought: We went to the library one day, does that count? Second thought: Did I forget to do something? Final answer: We didn’t really … More a week of pajamas

why i’m happy we didn’t make heart pancakes

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, I just don’t really care about it. I semi-side with the people who argue you shouldn’t need to be reminded to love your significant other. But I also get the sentiment in having a day to just really remember and express it. Also I like celebrating holidays in general. So I guess I’m sort of middle ground. … More why i’m happy we didn’t make heart pancakes

last minute loves

I love holidays and I love giving gifts. Even still, I frequently find myself last minute shopping for gifts, and I’m really not a big fan of making a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. Tyler and I usually use it as a reminder that we’re about due for a kid-free date night, but we frequently go … More last minute loves

christmas wrap

First, I’m over Christmas pjs. Can I say that without everyone thinking I’m a scrooge? Maybe because I thought it was this magical tradition my family did growing up, and then I grew up and learned that almost EVERY OTHER FAMILY did the exact same thing. Also because I have no room in my drawer/pretend … More christmas wrap


I love giving gifts. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Sure, it’s fun to open your own gifts and be surprised. But even more fun to me is mulling over ideas, tracking down that perfect find, wrapping it up, and watching someone else happily open it. Extra points if they didn’t expect it. This applies to pretty much any … More #givingtuesday

don’t be a turkey

I’m going to start this by proclaiming something: I like all holidays. There, I said it. I don’t have a favorite and I don’t hate any of them. I’m not sure why, they just all seem exciting in their own way. Costumes and sugar rushes on Halloween, having Lucky Charms with green milk on St. Patrick’s Day, overeating mashed potatoes … More don’t be a turkey

oh, the horror

Two days ago my coworker mentioned that she just watched “the new Carrie,” and I thought she was talking about Carrie Bradshaw. I felt sort of out of the loop because I know nothing about the new Carrie show. Then I felt double out of the loop when I realized she was talking about the … More oh, the horror