all that fake glitters

Every year around the holidays companies seem to think the most appropriate attire to market is things with glitter. Because of this, December usually ends up being the time of year where I want to jump off the deep end of style, go opposite my comfy oversized blah clothes, and buy something with a little shine. … More all that fake glitters

i’m how old?

Tonight this conversation happened with Mason… Mason: Which president did they call Ike? Me: I believe that was Eisenhower Mason: Oh yeah. We learned about his political ads in class today. Do you remember those when they were on TV? Me: Um, Mason, I wasn’t even alive then. Mason: Oh… Me: I’m pretty sure that … More i’m how old?

fall & floral

It all started with this a trip to Target, and a casual walk past the clothing. I saw a big floral dress and I liked it, but not so much on. Then I went to Zara and saw more floral patterns. And just like that I wanted something, or everything, with big bold flowers on … More fall & floral