the sheet mask

One day I worked with two Korean girls who told me about sheet face masks, and I was intrigued. My normal face-plan is pretty low-key: lotion after morning shower, face cleaning wipe at night. But these masks seemed easy and quick enough to try out. The verdict? They’re mostly unnecessary to life, but I love them! One of my … More the sheet mask

i tried using snapchat

I’ve always figured I’d just draw the line at Snapchat. I have Facebook, I know how to use Instagram, I sometimes use Twitter, I can sort of blog… Then a few weeks ago I went to dinner with a some friends, and one friend started taking pictures with animal ears of our other friend’s daughter. And that’s when … More i tried using snapchat

upsets, a perspective

I can’t decide what I’m more upset about this week. First, the unicorn cat sparkly phone case I ordered (and patiently waited for it to be delivered without Amazon Prime from Greece) arrived defective and unable to fit on my phone. And the seller told me they wouldn’t even try to ship a new one, because obviously … More upsets, a perspective

making friends

Over the last two weeks I’ve had a range of friend-ish encounters. One baby shower where I knew some people, didn’t know some, had sort of met others but we’d mostly forgotten each other. The next day I went to a monthly meet-up I got invited to but I somewhat feel like I’m crashing a party … More making friends