thank you internet for helping me breastfeed in public

We took baby on his first real outing while Tyler’s parents were in town. We packed him up and visited Grand Central, Shake Shack (because we know he loved it so much a last year), The Met and a candy store. Since his one true love is being held constantly, he did not protest being put into his warm baby … More thank you internet for helping me breastfeed in public

a week of pajamas

Mason was talking on the phone to his cousins the other day and they asked what we did over the break. Mason looked at me and said, “What did we do?” First thought: We went to the library one day, does that count? Second thought: Did I forget to do something? Final answer: We didn’t really … More a week of pajamas

magical cardboard boxes

Last month Tyler’s mom offered to send us a few weeks of Plated, one of those meal delivery services. I was a little skeptical of these places before. It seems like so much waste when I can just go to the grocery store and buy everything. Less cardboard, plastic, deliver person, etc. Also it costs less to do … More magical cardboard boxes

new mom talents

Today while paying my credit card bill I scrolled through what’s been purchased lately and it gave a very clear picture of what my days have been like. The list of purchases was something along the lines of Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, [Amazon x10],, pediatrician, and then more Amazon orders. On the plus side, I can now … More new mom talents

the dictator

Yesterday I tried to have a conversation with Arlo about sleeping. Mostly how his sleeping needs seem to conflict with his parents sleeping needs. I told him we could meet halfway on this, maybe even 30/70, but he doesn’t seem to be a man of compromise. That’s when I realized that babies are basically dictators. There is just … More the dictator