reduce, reuse, upcycle

I don’t know where it came from or how it grew, but I have this inner irk that cannot stand to watch things get wasted that could somehow be re-used. Paper might be my biggest nemesis, followed in a close second by plastic water bottles and shopping bags. Every time I see excessive printouts at work I cringe. … More reduce, reuse, upcycle

boxed up, boxes down

Since we had to pack it up, pack it in for our move – we also had to take down the fort the boys had created. I say the boys created it because that sounds more normal. In reality I was probably the most excited for the building project, followed in a close second by Tyler, The Expert Duct … More boxed up, boxes down

half-all grown up

I wouldn’t say all grown up. I think I have to reserve that for college or a wedding or learning to clean the toilet. But, I did realize Sunday that Mason has passed into a new stage of not-so-childhood: He was actually excited for the new shirts in his Easter basket. And when we asked if he … More half-all grown up

it’s vintage.

One of Milo’s friends just moved apartments, and we were talking about it walking home from school the other day and the mom says, “We just took our big trip to Ikea, but it seems like there’s so much we still need.” And Milo responds, “We get most of our furniture out of the garbage.” … More it’s vintage.

space travel

This is Mason’s newest cardboard creation. It’s weird to think that for most of my life I had no clue what Dr. Who was – nothing at all – and now I have conversations with my boys about Daleks, and if Rose is ever coming back. So here it is, Mason’s Tardis. Thank you Dennen … More space travel

the impossible

Well, wedding mode just may have done what I always thought impossible: made me tired of shopping. What the what? I feel like I have let myself down a little bit. I find consolation in the fact that I am still totally fine shopping for normal clot… … More the impossible