today i wore a full maternity outfit

Well, almost a full outfit. Minus the maternity shoes because when my feet returned to normal size I lit them on fire and did a celebratory dance. (In my imagination, not for real. Lighting shoes on fire in a tiny NY apartment wouldn’t really be the smartest thing with a newborn in the house.)

Every since I had Arlo I’ve held on to one pair of maternity jeans. Of course they aren’t the ones with the giant panel, don’t be ridiculous. I can’t even stand those when I am pregnant. They’re basically all the functions of a pair of jeans, but instead of the button and zipper fly there’s a giant stretchy band across the front half. They have front pockets, back pockets, and even back belt loops. So half real pants and all magic. Every time I wear them I wonder why all jeans aren’t made like this.

The only time I’ve ever had an issue is the one day at work where I forgot I was wearing real jeans and walked out of the bathroom after ONLY pulling my pants up. But not to fret too much about my embarrassment–I realized my zipper and button were undone in under 15 minutes, and I had only walked down one floor, and I’m pretty sure my sweater mostly covered the problem.

Really this is just another argument for why ALL jeans should have at least half elastic waists.

So, I’ve been rocking these most awesome jeans for a while now. And on Sunday I finally caved and switched my closet into winter mode. Which meant this morning when I got dressed, plaid maternity shirt! Because oversized is in, right? And not just for people trying to hide the amount of hot chocolate they’ve been consuming since the weather dropped below 60 degrees.

***15 minute intermission where I realized I hadn’t had hot chocolate today, and needed to immediately remedy the situation. And eat some skinny pop (because, best combo ever).***

Anyway, now that I’m back and full of second dinner, I can’t really remember what my conclusion was for all of this. I guess maybe just the personal realization and public admittance that my wardrobe has become such that maternity clothes can easily integrate. Or, with a positive spin: the genius way I’m getting the most milage out of a maternity wardrobe.

Also lesson learned for all of you: never forget if you’re wearing maternity pants or normal pants in public. You are welcome.

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