it’s not my favorite thing

One of my favorite memes is this one:


Or maybe after searching for that one, this one is a new favorite:


Since I am human and sane, I think it would be awesome to find myself in an Oprah’s Favorite Things audience–screaming like a crazy person as she reveals a myriad of gifts to impart on us just for sitting in a studio.

Instead I am human and unfortunate, and the closest I got was a link to flip through and purchase her favorite things for myself.

I will preface the rest of my blog by saying this: I do not keep up with Oprah’s favorite things list, or book list, or really anything about Oprah at all (except one time when she got like an entire litter of puppies and likened it to being a parent of a newborn). So maybe I only have a vague idea of how it works.

Either way, somehow I ended up seeing that Oprah’s Favorite Things list was out, and I was just curious enough to click and read more… And now I have a bone to pick with Oprah.

First of all, I know there’s no finite number to how many things can be your favorite. But if you’re going to make a new list every single year of your life, does it really need to have over 100 items on it?

And while I’m at it, lets discuss the items on this list. Shower caps for $40 and a 25-count lipstick set for $250… Really? I like lipstick and all, but there’s no way I’d believe that someone could pre-select 25 of them and they’d all be useful to me. It started feeling a little Goop-ish to me.

I got as far as #31, and I feel that was being generous. The personal pizza oven kit was apparently my tipping point. This is more like a “all the things that Sharper Image used to sell” list. Or a “create a list so that at least one thing appeals to every single person who will glance at it.”

Which, to be fair, if that was their goal I did find a pair of shoes I thought were somewhat likable. Although if I were to actually choose one (or 100) favorite I’d probably go for these.

Yay, a full circle blog–TACOS FOR EVERYONE!!


One thought on “it’s not my favorite thing

  1. I love that meme too. That’s me drunk in Vegas sending my good juju to all the gamblers. Surprisingly, they usually win after I tell them lol. Or maybe I just think they do? Either way, I wish I could do what Oprah does and give a bunch of stuff away.

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