lobster wins

The first conversation went more or less like this:

“The boys are coming back in a couple of weeks, and we have a 3-day weekend coming up. We should do something as a last hurrah.”


And that, my friends, is how Tyler and I unknowingly started a Cape Cod tradition. One year we ended up at Martha’s Vineyard for a wedding, so our Cape Cod trip was in the middle of the summer instead of the end. Two of the five years the boys have returned to NY in time to tag along on our journey of lobster rolls and more lobster rolls. But it’s been pretty constant overall.

In reality though, although I enjoy Cape Cod and it’s mountains of lobster, three of the five years I’ve started out vacation planning trying to go somewhere different. Most years I do a little research, but never seem to find a place within similar driving distance to obtain our ultimate goal (you guessed it: lobster rolls).


So I guess I want fireworks and couch potato all at the same time–leading to Cape Cod year #6 coming this weekend. Which sounds a bit awesome and a bit stodgy all at once. Does anyone else feel this way about vacations?

Even though we’ve made a similar drive almost every Labor Day, I do try to look for things to mix it up. (One time I really went crazy and let Tyler book our accommodations.)

So here’s to a Labor Day weekend of new firsts!

It’s the first time we’re vacationing with another family–hopefully they like us still after it’s all over. It’s the first time we’re staying in a beach house–which almost sounds too fancy for my typical vacation search: find the cheapest motel without bedbugs and murders. And it’s the first time we’re toting along a wee little squirm–but since I’m outfitted with all my knowledge from the last trip, I can’t foresee anything going awry. And best of all, it’s the first time we’re taking a day off work to extend our trip, i.e. extra lobster!

I’m also hoping it’s the first time I’ll find some sort of awesome antique that I’ve never found before. (I’ve got just the place for it, Tyler, I promise.)


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