my baby list nopes

I feel like there are so many “baby necessity” lists online telling moms what they need before baby is born. But for all the lists I read pre-birth, and the fact I peeked and my other friends’ baby registries for ideas, I still ended up ordering from Amazon multiple times a week in the first few months.

The ordering was easy. I did it one-handed while holding a baby–and boxes arrived two days later. My biggest issue was all the things I’d gotten that I never really needed. I have a hard time with “stuff” and an even harder time with waste. And so, instead of needs, here’s my list of nopes.

  • NOPE: Dishwasher basket. The most use ours got is last week when I gave it to Arlo as a toy. YES: Boon Grass is one of the best inventions ever.
  • NOPE: Baby nursery kit. When I received this as a gift I thought it was a great idea, but half the things we’d gotten doubles of or would never use (come on, a baby comb?). YES: It’s better to get what’s actually needed at higher quality. Like lighted nail clippers, which have been my lifesaver. Or an ear thermometer that’s easier with babies.
  • NOPE: All the swaddles. I thought swaddles were one of the greatest new things available for baby #3, so I registered for and bought multiples. But Arlo didn’t like swaddling much, I didn’t like velcro at night, and you can’t buckle babies into swings or bouncers with swaddles on. YES: There are so many different sleeping ideas for babies. Just try one first. You’ll find out pretty quick if you like it or want something different.
  • NOPE: Different binkis and bottles. With Mason we tried every binki under the sun to find one he liked. With Milo we picked one (based on ease of cleaning) and just got him used to it. YES: If you must know, the Soothie is my favorite. Arlo had a Wubbanub in the beginning, but it isn’t the best for a stomach sleeper because it couldn’t stay in his mouth when he moved his head.
  • NOPE: Size 0-3 month outfits. I may be the laziest parent ever, but our first three months I was a walking zombie and it was the middle of winter. On the occasions that I did go outside the house, I either left the baby home or let him be comfy. YES: Lots of pjs with easy access for baby diapers and doctor appointments. The magnet ones were my favorite.
  • And my biggest NOPE: A baby stroller. I know it sounds crazy, but I wish we’d never bought one before he was born–I didn’t know what we needed or wanted, so we ended up buying a used set (stroller, bassinet and carseat) before he was born, and then sold it about 3 months later. YES: As a newborn we held him in a wrap, and as a slightly larger baby we used an Ergo carrier. For a stroller we used a carseat caddy. This gave me lots of time to see how often and where we would use a stroller, and decide what we really wanted. I thought I needed a big one, but I’m so happy with our more compact one that fits in small neighborhood shops. (Bonus, they sell strollers through Amazon warehouse for cheaper!)

So basically my advice for expecting parents is to get the basics and an Amazon Prime account. Ha!

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