omnivore mom + herbivore baby

I really envy all my skinny vegan friends for somehow being skinny by just eating vegan. But to be completely honest, I’m not sure I can even give up pork, which seems like the first step most meat-eaters take into vegetarian land. And I am definitely not delusional enough to think I could ever give up cheese. Basically skinny vegan body will never be in my future.

So even though I eat meat, and have no real plan to give it up for myself, I’ve made it a goal to keep Arlo a vegetarian for as long as possible. Definitely until he’s one, but maybe I’ll just see how it goes after that. Why? I’m kind of hoping writing this blog will answer that for me. Or maybe writing this blog post will inspire someone smarter to answer it for me…

Lets start with my history of meat being the main event of every meal. “How do people stay full on lettuce?” My past self used to wonder. I even went through sort of a paleo phase at one point (the things you do for a boy ๐Ÿ™„).

But over the years my more educated self has learned about, watched others and tried veggie-only meals–and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s totally possible to remove meat from your diet and still be healthy (and full!).

Maybe my conundrum is that the healthy section of my brain sees the benefits of being a vegetarian, but the tasty section of my brain does not want to give up the food options associated with meat (it’s still sad about the food options lost to allergies).

But in Arlo’s case, Mr. Healthy Brain is saying, “Yes, keep the baby loving tofu and black beans!” And Ms. Tasty Brain is really rather apathetic because it doesn’t effect her. And together they work with Logical Brain, who figures that maybe this will at least form a foundation of veggie love within the wee little one. So that even if he grows up to enjoy meat he’ll still see the options and benefits of a vegetable-heavy diet.

Or who knows, maybe along the way I’m hoping to convince Ol’ Tasty Brain to take more and more steps into vegetable-friendly land. Or would you say meat-friendly land? Because eating vegetables really doesn’t seem that friendly towards them.

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