dear seattle, i’d accept a second date

For years, basically as long as he has convinced me to love him, Tyler has been searching for a city that could convince me to leave New York. His first try was Boston (a city he inaccurately thinks is superior), and I think he got his hopes up when we chose to have our wedding there.

So when we decided to have a mini family reunion in Seattle, we figured we’d see if this could be a place on our list in the distant future. Before visiting I had a few potential cons on my Seattle list, but I mostly tried to save judgement for later.


  • No subway system
  • Often cloudy
  • Not New York

The last one is sort of vague, but there’s just so many things about New York culture that I love, and I worry I will miss way too much if I move away. The bluntness, the old buildings, the diversity of the food and the people. It’s so crazy and it never slows down, and there will never be a time when you could ever keep up.

So anyway, off we went to Seattle (also our first flight with a baby, it was a little insane but we survived). I know being a tourist for five days isn’t really the same as living there, but I did find some pros to outweigh the cons.


  • The neighborhood of Queen Anne
  • Even businesses recycle
  • Garbage disposals

Yeah, I now realize making this list that two of my three pros have to do with garbage. So maybe I just revealed an underlying dislike I have for NY I didn’t even realize before.

Overall I really enjoyed Seattle, but I also feel like it was a nice first meeting. Like a short date where the real personality didn’t have time to show through. For one, it was perfectly clear skies every day but our last morning (including a 90-degree day that we spent on two different islands in the harbor). Two, I never had to use public transportation because we rented a car and parked in pricey garages within our “travel budget” (aka, forget the parking prices immediately after you read the sign).

So, yes Tyler, it is on my maybe list (as you’ve asked me to confirm so many times while there and since returning). I still don’t know if I’m completely in love, but I would consider testing the waters a little more.

Or if someone has other pros or cons I haven’t yet realized, we could treat this like a speed date and make our decision more quickly.

And, obligatory travel photos…

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