my one-piece fear

Is it normal to feel like one-piece swimsuits are more revealing than bikinis? Because that’s how I feel. I’ve worn bikinis for years–granted I was skinnier than I am right now–but I never thought I’d go back to a one-piece. Then a couple of years ago I found a really nice one-piece at a sample sale and I decided to give it a chance.

Beyond the fact that I have an issue with tan lines, one-piece swimsuits make me feel so exposed to the world. With a bikini I feel like I can put all the attention on a cute top or bottom, and sort of forget what’s going on in the middle. With the one-piece I have to worry that the large solid piece of the material in the middle looks good too.

It’s weird. I also have an issue with the no boob support and high cut styles. Like, what keeps things in place??

Yet despite all of this, I still love all the one-pieces I see online. And I keep trying to decide if I can get over my fears to wear one. I think the key might be bright prints to distract the eye.

Cutest one-piece swimsuits and where to shop them!

Vela Cut Out | Waves | Antonia | Surplice One-Piece | TM Polka Dot | Island Vibe | The Intercoastal

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