searching for a softie

I can pretend that my life is all about fashion finds, but the reality is it’s a lot of baby searches now. Most recently I was on the hunt for a soft something for Arlo to sleep with because lately he’s been nuzzling his Wubbanubs. These are great if he needs a binki at night, but less great when he has the binki part shoved into his neck as a pillow.

My parenting goal for Arlo is that he’ll never have a normal stuffed animal, and Etsy appears to be a great place in keeping that goal alive. Literally type any random combination of words in and you can find pages of stuffed animal friends. I also learned a new word in all my searching: amigurumi. It is like a whole Etsy world in itself.

As with most of my online shopping adventures, I spent way to much time looking for a stuffed toy Arlo will probably not even like. With this and my Amazon searches I may have to come to terms that I’m a little neurotic about baby things.

A collection of fluffy plush stuffed animals, toys and monsters from Etsy.

Blue Lamb | Llama Llama | Sock Monster | Star Unicorn | Tatadolls | Qoobie Fish | Minky Bunny | Rainbow Caterpillar | Hungry Monster


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