shoe part deux

I’ve shifted my shoe focus to sandals, which I really don’t need at all since thankfully my feet didn’t grow THAT much. But it’s getting warmer, and shopping for sneakers last week sent me down a rabbit hole to other things. Funnily enough, shopping for sandals then sent me back into the rabbit hole and found me non-sandals again! Although, to be fair to my wanderings, I am also on the hunt for a lightweight jacket to replace the one I realized was in horrible shape after I wrote about it a few weeks ago.

So really, all my wanderings are useful! Except when my search for a goes-with-everything jacket finds me a not-really-even-a-jacket trench that will probably go with nothing I wear, and is also featured on a girl who is more in the Coachella age bracket. Whereas I’ve now established I’m in the momhood bracket.

Well enough of those musings… Who has a great place to shop for sandals I will actually buy? (i.e., cheap and comfortable.)

a little bit of shoe shopping (and jacket love too)

Gia Wedge | Block Heel Sandals | Velvet Bow Slides | Koi Sandal | Pac a Trench | Marlowe Loafers 


One thought on “shoe part deux

  1. Hilary turned me on to Saltwater sandals. I bought myself two pairs, different colors, for Easter and I have been LOVING them!

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