amazon prime time waster

Let me start by saying Amazon is an amazing place, especially for busy people. And especially if I put aside the guilt of having tiny things shipped in large cardboard boxes, and the fact that they might take over the entire world of shopping one day.

I do not know how I would have survived car-less in NY with a newborn in the middle of winter without Amazon Prime. (How did our forefathers do it–and uphill both ways no doubt!!)

That being said, I’ve also realized how much Amazon, and maybe the internet it general, has made shopping more complicated. I’m pretty sure I spent at least an hour of my life comparing baby spoons. Don’t you sit there and judge me like you’re so much better at internetting than me–I got sucked into the reviews!

The reviews, the descriptions, the prices and pictures. Is it good for self-feeding too, do I want one he can play with for teething, what about handle length and amount of food it holds, is it really worth it to spend more on that one…

And then I thought about how I shopped for spoons last baby-go-round.

I probably walked down an aisle at Target, maybe spent a few minutes comparing prices on the two different spoons they had for sale,  picked one and went to purchase. So easy. Although I will agree I had to get myself to the store first. And probably tow the child (or two children) along. So maybe time spent evens out, who knows.

All I know is that I feel like I spent way too much time researching something Arlo will use for a relatively small amount of time. And if it were just the spoons we’d all be ok. But it’s spoons, bowls, teething toys, baby carriers, strollers…

You know the day when there weren’t smart phones and the internet was only kind of a thing, and the only resource I was told about as a new mom was “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” which I read the first chapter of and then put on a bookshelf because it was SOOOOO BORRRRIINNNGGG. (True story, not a single book and not a single childbirth class. HOW did my older children survive to become older children??)

Ignorance really can be bliss I guess.

Alright, back to doing something more fun, like looking at this kiddo.


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