back to fakin’ it ’till i make it

I’ve been in somewhat of a shopping slump (again, full blame on baby), but a couple of weeks ago I felt I might be somewhat coming out of it. I say somewhat because although I think I would fully enjoy shopping again, there’s still a few issues. Nursing (so no pullover dresses), nursing (making tops not fit correctly), baby (as in, everything I buy will be thrown up on daily), and baby (as in, I currently equate every purchase to how many hours I could be paying the nanny instead).

And that whole baby weight thing that hasn’t magically disappeared in my mid 30’s like it did in my early 20’s. Oh the joys.

Ok, but beyond clothing, want to know my other current problem? Shoes! Did you know your feet can change sizes after having a baby? Right now I have two pairs of shoes I can wear comfortably that aren’t sandals (sandals I assume just allow my feet freedom to be who they’ve become).

So, I know what you’re thinking… Perfect opportunity to splurge on a bunch of new shoes! I give you my two problems with this: 1. Finding time to go in-person shoe shopping is nuts, but since I don’t really know my new size online shopping has been a fail so far. 2. That whole equating purchases to nanny hours. It really harshes my buzz.

Because of this, I give you my first Fake Shop Friday in almost a year! Lately I’ve been missing my bright sneakers, and I’d love to find a new pair. So in true fake shopping fashion I want all of these but will 100% buy none of them.

shopping for sneakers

Nelma | Eden 2 | Delphin | Serrano | Champion Kikaou

Or I guess I can just make it easy on myself and get the sneakers everyone on Amazon (and my pal Kate) love so much.

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