i’m addicted

So, maybe you noticed, but I used my mediocre design skills, coupled with WordPress’ free template options, to give my blog a little bit of an update. This was another small step in the process of me having an actual blog people like to read. My last step was when I pushed myself to post three times a week. A step I lost once I had an alien inside me that sucked out all my energy and motivation.

I also once bought a domain name, that I still pay for but can’t decide if I really like. If you’re wondering, it’s the title of my blog–so I guess the design part was also a mini step within a small step to see if I really liked it. Like an inception step. Or should it be step inception?

Anyway, the point I began making was that when I was spending all the time redesigning and reorganizing my posts I felt a little proud that I had stuck to my goal so well pre-baby. And then a little sad that it hasn’t been going as well since.

Let me explain that one of my biggest annoyances is blogging about not blogging for so long while promising to do better. I have totally done it in my past blog life, but I’ve tried so hard to avoid it because I figure no one cares what I say I’ve done or will do. They care if I actually do it.

So instead of apologizing for not blogging, I’m just going to apologize that I’ve made you listen to my conflicted inner self. And really my reasoning for this post was less about saying I’ll be better, and more about warning you that you’ll have to see more of my posts in the future. Unless of course you stop reading them altogether. Which would be slightly counterproductive for me writing them, but I guess then I would defer to the title of this post. Because it’s true, I’m sort of addicted.

I have so many thoughts in my head throughout the day, and sometimes I think it’s therapeutic for me to share, but mostly I hope other people can be entertained by my random thoughts. Or have one of those, “AMEN!” moments. Or maybe realize that if my heart of stone can love a baby, theirs can too.



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