arlo proves merlin wrong

There is this fluffy baby-sleeping device called Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. The reviews on Amazon attest to the magic. That a baby who previously wouldn’t sleep at night could turn into an all-night sleeper. I’m a firm believer that every baby is different, but in my sleepless delusional state I am also totally swayed by parenting tips to ensure a more restful night.

So about a month or so ago we decided to give this magic suit a try. Arlo’s main issue seemed to be that he no longer liked to be swaddled, but his unswaddled arms weren’t communicating with his mouth very well and they always seemed to be knocking out his much-loved binki.

Arlo was like, “You call that magic?” Then got even angrier at night because he couldn’t roll over wearing the suit.

About a week later Tyler’s sister shared her son’s DocATot. For a little while we tried the Merlin’s magic combined with this so-professed “soothing environment” for babies. Pros: he could no longer try to roll over, and his arms were so awkward it gave our dead eyes something to laugh at before we went to “sleep” at night. Cons: he was frequently sweating (even in only a diaper) and it really didn’t seem to be doing much. Also imagine how not awesome it is to try burping a frequently barfy baby in the middle of the night in something akin to a snowsuit.

While we were trying that combo we’d also heard about a different baby immobilizing device, which I found used for $5 so I figured why not give it a try. The Zipadee-Zip could do most of the things the Merlin suit promised, but with about 1/10 the fabric. Also what parent doesn’t want to be reminded of a raw thanksgiving turkey or Patrick Starfish while they hold their little one? So yeah, another little bit of entertainment for our dead eyes to enjoy.

This seemed to work for about half the night, but once again at some point in the night Arlo wanted to be on his tummy. The problem all along was that if he was on his stomach for too long his nose would be stuffy. And then we’d end up with a non-sleeping baby again.

So we took out the DocATot and flying squirrel suit, gave up on the smell-good night creams, and bought a second, more powerful, humidifier. And guess what? His nose is no longer stuffy!

But as Arlo is not one to throw in the towel so easily, he decided it’s a good time to start burping and barfing in his sleep–hours after he’s already eaten and been burped by us. And over the last week he’s been even more fussy at night, culminating to the most pleasant of evenings where he woke up every single hour and cried. EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR.

He must have known I was reminiscing about how tiny he was at birth and just wanted to give me a little reminder about his newborn days.

When will he finally be two and just throw tantrums all the time instead?

So yeah, that and going back to work is what has been keeping me away from blogging. So for all you people out there that were missing the weekly Arlo goodness, I hope this can help.

Eating, barfing and bathing…

Arlo laughing that we thought the Merlin suit would work. And my favorite part of the DocATot–the sleeping baby leg up on the side.


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