guuuyysss, it’s happening. normal life.

I feel my life post-Arlo birth has been like the tortoise: slow and steady. I talked to another mom yesterday who was out of the house within a week! She said she just couldn’t stay inside anymore. I tried to think back about when Arlo was one week. I’m pretty sure my brain was mushy and staying inside was all I really wanted to do. So yeah, tortoise mom here.

Then slowly but surely I’ve ventured to do more, and am figuring out balancing life with a baby. (In case you’re wondering, YES, it is so much more work than life with a tween and teen!)

Last week, over the course of three days and after four months of no polish, I finally painted my nails! Today I made the first step in getting a haircut for the first time in six months. I say first step because I called a place, found out how much they charged, then changed my mind and decided to keep looking.


And tomorrow: da daa daaaaa… I’m going to work! Not just any work. The be-there-early-and-meet-with-a-client work. Definitely yes, I will be getting a tasty, normal-life breakfast sandwich on the the way in to reward myself for getting out the door, showered and dressed, by 8:15. (Because my normal-life and post-baby belly agrees it’s a good reward.)

All I need to do now is get that ball of lump eating from somewhere else besides me and I’ll be able to dress in all my normal life clothes again!


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