pre-baby things i miss

I recently put together an entire piece of IKEA furniture with a baby. And I don’t mean having a baby sitting next to me handing me tools. I mean the ultimate mom multitasking event of Arlo’s little life. Maybe even my life.

The first half of it I put together on the floor with one leg stretched sideways to make sure Baby Dictator was continually bouncing. When that didn’t prove enough attention to his nap time needs, I began screwing parts together with one hand so that my other hand was free to keep the binki in he so desperately told me he wanted but so continually enjoyed spitting out.

Then I took a break to hold him because, lets be real here, Baby Dictator has demands that must be met, including frequent hug time mid-nap. After he tricked me into thinking I could leave him for a few minutes by falling asleep, I laid him softly on his stomach while I patted his back so I could periodically have two hands free to finish the furniture (and put it where it went).

So although I feel very accomplished for finishing the project in a day, I do miss being able to do tasks from start to finish without so many interruptions.

And so I dedicate the other half of this blogrant (totally a word) to other pre-baby things I miss.

Relaxing showers. You know, ones you can enjoy without worrying someone might be screaming their lungs out when you turn the water off.

Eating without worrying what’s below. Because what’s below my face while I’m eating these days is often a baby head.

Nail polish. If anyone knows how often I go without nail polish they’ll realize what a big deal it is that I haven’t polished my nails since October. I am very hopeful I’ll find time “tomorrow.”

Shift dresses. You can’t really nurse a baby properly in a shift dress. Actually I miss about half my wardrobe, and the thrill of shopping. Half the clothes are ruled out for nursing, another 1/4 because nursing-size boobs don’t fit. And the rest that does fit looks fat on me thanks to nursing-size boobs. (Guess I’ll just be shoe shopping for a while.)

Lipstick. I put lipstick on the other day and I realized it prevents me from kissing baby cheeks.

Oh yeah, and sleep. That was a fun life I had before.



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