thank you internet for helping me breastfeed in public

We took baby on his first real outing while Tyler’s parents were in town. We packed him up and visited Grand Central, Shake Shack (because we know he loved it
so much a last year), The Met and a candy store.

Since his one true love is being held constantly, he did not protest being put into his warm baby quilt suit and then strapped to either mom or dad. He did well. We didn’t have any public poopy diapers, and although he barfed all over his shirt he was a pretty good trooper about having it changed in The Met lobby.

But I reserve the biggest accomplishment for myself. Right there in the middle of naked European sculptures I breastfed my baby. I know this may not seem so amazing to all of you who just love to whip the boob out anywhere, but if you knew how I was with the last two you’d realize what a big step this is for me.

The only places I would nurse before (outside my own home) were secluded bedrooms in other people’s homes. Never did I nurse at church, never in a room where anyone was remotely close, never anywhere anyone could possibly see me at all. Even with one of those big blanket cover-ups. I was just so self conscious and embarrassed to be nursing in public so I always had a bottle handy instead.

Then comes Saturday when I’m deciding whether I should pack Arlo a bottle for our outing or not because he hasn’t been too keen on them the last few weeks. And you know what, I thought about all the conversations about breastfeeding online, how I have a pretty good handle on feeding him under the coverup (as to not scar his older brothers); and I gave myself the inner confidence I needed on the off-chance he didn’t sleep through our full outing.

So later that afternoon when I saw the fear in Tyler’s eyes that the baby strapped to his mid-section might cry on the subway ride home, I knew my milking talent could swoop in and save the day!

So thank you everyone out there who was never self conscious like me, for helping me be a little more like you. And to no museum-goer in particular for not noticing anything out of the ordinary when you saw two tiny muppet feet squirming under a large flowery cloth.

And of course to this guy for being so dang cute I don’t want to let him starve.


One thought on “thank you internet for helping me breastfeed in public

  1. Yay for public breastfeeding! I think it’s a good thing it’s become very normal.
    Brian, on the other hand, was not sad I wasn’t allowed to breastfeed because he is very squeamish about it. I find it weird that he’s squeamish.

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