a week of pajamas

Mason was talking on the phone to his cousins the other day and they asked what we did over the break. Mason looked at me and said, “What did we do?”

First thought: We went to the library one day, does that count?

Second thought: Did I forget to do something?

Final answer: We didn’t really do anything [insert baby excuse for being lazy].

But that’s what a baby is for right? So you can be lazy and not feel bad about it. Or maybe it’s more that Baby keeps you in the lazy mode because he loves to spit his binki out at night, immediately followed by cries because his binki isn’t in his mouth.

Either way, we did all I had the energy to plan for the break.

And now that I realize we mostly just sat around (Mason was literally counting how many days he could stay in his sweats by wearing them out to do laundry or get pizza), I think how weird it actually is for me to sit still. Normally I’m thinking of anything to get us out.

If not on a plane flight somewhere, then somewhere within driving distance (hello, the year I planned a trip to Albany in February–bad idea). And if Tyler can’t get off to take even a short driving trip I’ll plan something in the city… Once I even planned a day of visiting candy stores to get the boys excited for traipsing about in the cold.

It’s weird how brains work I guess, because I was perfectly happy to just sit around most of the break. I say most, because I was the one who made us all walk to the library one day. I wonder when my brain will start to function how it used to, or if it’s just in a slower state forever. Like every baby has broken my brain just a little bit more, but I’ve only now noticed. Anyone else have good insight on this?

Oh, we did take photos of Arlo though. And since you baby-loving people out there keep requesting them, here you go:

One thought on “a week of pajamas

  1. I feel like it’s a lot of extra work to take a baby anywhere and can be really stressful on the Momma almost to the point sometimes it’s not enjoyable. So many diapers, naps, and feedings to be taken care of all while out and about and inconvenienced by not being at home. Once I hit the two nap a day schedule my brain kinda switches back over and I want to go out and do things more, the baby isn’t so demanding at that stage too which is great for being away from the comforts of home…. and the one nap a day… golden! Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the pictures! 😊

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