new mom talents


Today while paying my credit card bill I scrolled through what’s been purchased lately and it gave a very clear picture of what my days have been like. The list of purchases was something along the lines of Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, [Amazon x10],, pediatrician, and then more Amazon orders.

On the plus side, I can now ambidextrously multitask–ordering things from my phone with either hand while feeding baby. And I’m completely done with Christmas shopping (besides Milo’s random request for fresh coconuts).

Also in the spirit of Christmas, this was the first year I’ve ever splurged and ordered cards online. I know not a big splurge, I just enjoy cheaply printing photos from Costco and forcing my kids to handwrite sentiments and addresses. But baby dictator had other plans, and we all understand by now that baby dictator gets what he wants. (But lest you think I let Mason and Milo off easily, just ask them about the torturous 15 minutes it took to get the photo on the backside of the card.)

Speaking of baby dictator, Arlo has decided this week the fun thing to do is skip the slow wake up/soft fussing at night and go straight from sleep to full on yelling. Bonus points for barfing up a good portion of his food in under a minute after eating. We’ve started having him wear baby bandanas on a regular basis now–they are much easier to change than an entire outfit at 4am.

The good nightly news is that I think I’m getting better with the routine. My memories of baby nights have always been so horrible, but lately I feel like staying awake for hours at a time doesn’t phase me as much as it did in the beginning.

Plus now that I’m slightly more alert in the wee hours, I can laugh at Tyler trying to help out in his sleep. Sometimes he groggily leans over with suggestions or random help, but my favorite is that he’s started doing the baby shushing sound completely in his sleep.

And because I know the real reason people click on these blog links, here are three of Arlo’s new favorite things:

1. Sitting in piles of laundry fresh from the dryer.

2. Sleeping on his tummy. (If only this were acceptable for night time)


3.  And bath time. We have come to accept his skeptical looks and clenched fists and assume the non-crying means love for baths. (The crying definitely comes back when bath time is over.)



One thought on “new mom talents

  1. Yes! Love baby Arlo pictures. And also, sleep deprivation is LEGITIMATELY torture. You’ve made it through two months! Hopefully he starts sleeping in longer stretches soon.
    Also, Zeke puked all day, every day for about year, so if Arlo starts that fun habit I have some burp cloth suggestions that helped us in the middle of the night. Can’t wait to get your card!

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